Janice Yap

Vocal Coach & Author of Unlock Your Voice™

Author of Unlock Your Voice™ - The Secrets to Singing, Janice Yap is an avid user of the voice herself, with experience in Performing Arts, Theatre, Radio Announcing, TV Presenting, Music Recording & Performance & Emceeing. Her work in the industry has won her recognition from her peers and the public, with awards for Best Solo Performance (Vocals) and Best Composition. Janice believes in discovering and maximising one's vocal potential as the key to fully expressing one's self and identity - be it at work, home or play

Through her own journey of vocal discovery, Janice has explored various methods of singing and vocal projection. Her findings and experiences have resulted in the development of a way of using the voice that not only focuses on developing or learning new skills in singing, but in undoing habits that inhibit one from unlocking their true vocal potential. Her unique approach in vocal training, which focuses on tapping into everyone's innate ability to sing, has helped her students achieve remarkable results in unimaginably short periods of time, despite their age, background and experiences.

Janice Yap is the principal trainer of the Unlock Your Voice™ Vocal Technique and currently the Head Vocal Coach of Life Academy.