Lecturer in Universities, Higher Education, Sixth Form Colleges and Schools for over 25 yrs. I have had to change my diet for health reasons and also environmental reasons.  My mission is to help everyone improve their nutrition and use Vegetables, Fruits, Beans and Pulses; a totally plant-based diet to do so.  One meal at a time, One day at a time, One step at a time.  Let's take this journey together.  

This is a BASIC experience that does not need to be complex.  Love on a Plate for everyone who wants to make changes without the Science!

With Subject specialisms ranging from Computer Science, Food Science, Medical and Food Microbiology, Mathematics and English.  A variation of online Courses will be available to enable more students to access my expertise in the Education field. 

This allows my skills to be a Legacy that many can use to build on and improve their basic awareness in their subjects.

I am passionate about food and how it can be used in healing and maintaining your body.  Passionate about wholeness and eating foods that are nutrient rich and tasty on the palate.  My passion for Food Safety lends itself also to my Food Safety Inspection Consultancy where I advise and help food business owners to look after the health of its customers by keeping food safe and often suggest practical ways of doing so through food.  I love my job.  I love food.

Feel free to use this and all my supporting courses for your personal use ONLY and to support your academic pursuits, I share ME.


Instructor: Janice Weir-Germia (aka: Chef J)

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Courses taught by Vegan Nutrition Coach and Chef Janice Weir-Germia