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My name is Janey Bowyer and I am the founder of The Word Sprite –the place for yoga and holistic solutions to modern living.

The Word Sprite was born out of the inert desire and determination to improve my wellbeing and that of the people around me. 

To explain further here is my story:

I grew up on a hill in the north of England.  My early years were tough and full of sadness. Yet, even back then I had the hope of turning my life around.

  From a young age, I wanted to live in London.  So one day in my late teens, I bought a one-way ticket and travelled to London with just £30.00 in my pocket and a bit of blind faith. It was overwhelming for me to see London for the first time through the eyes of a teenager travelling alone.

The following year I  discovered yoga and writing. I wasn’t very good at either due to Dyslexia, lack of flexibility and poor posture.

So I worked hard at studying for more than a decade. I studied writing novels, articles, Hatha and Kundalini yoga. During all this time, I managed to work my way up from an office junior staff position to a supervisor position. 

Through my personal experience of trying to stay yogic and having to be creative with my time I came up with the concept of yoga and holistic solutions for modern day living. Having worked for most of my life in a string of unfulfilling office jobs, I decided to quit my full-time job, and concentrate on  The Word Sprite 

The Word Sprite was established with the primary mission of continually striving to advance the distinctive philosophy and practice of meditations and yoga for improved modern day living, but in a way that makes it accessible. 

At The Word Sprite, we understand what you have to fit in a day and therefore come up with ideas and action plans of easy meditations and yoga ideas to fit into busy lifestyles.   

Yours gratefully,

The Word Sprite

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