Jane H. Tepley

Western Meditation & Mind Mastery Teacher

I am the founder of Modern Warrior Mind, a company dedicated to helping people become more efficient, more influential and more successful using the powers of their own mind.

I have spent most of my life researching the traditional Western meditation and mind mastery techniques, reassembling the scattered fragments of traditional teachings into
a congruent and powerful system of personal development.

For over 15 years I have been focused on working with groups and private students around the globe, helping them discover and harness their mind’s true power and overcome procrastination, indecision and willpower pitfalls that could otherwise stand in their way to success.

My philosophy is: Why lead an ordinary life, when the extraordinary is just within your reach?

I work with those who want to reach above and beyond what other think is possible. People who want leave their mark on the world and they know they can!

I run Western mind mastery seminars and masterclasses in London and other cities, where you can learn what it means to feel truly powerful, to discover the thrill of accessing the phenomenal resources of your own mind, transforming the way you deal with life challenges, but even more importantly so you can become who you always wanted to be.

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