Jane Davies

Managing Director of Precision Group (Australia)

I have over 30 years of experience in operational management and 20 years in training across a number of sectors including health, education and not-for-profit volunteer management. I specialise in identifying and addressing each sector’s training needs for optimum business performance and sustainability. Having also established and operated successful training facilities in both Australia and New Zealand I am widely recognised and respected for my breadth of knowledge and experience in the education and training fields. 

Establishing Precision Group (Australia) and developing it to be one of the largest Australian providers of educational material in the business field, I was encouraged to share this transmission of knowledge to others who simply want to increase their soft skills and improve themselves and their jobs. I established Business Skills Training for this purpose - to provide the short e-learning courses which you see here on Udemy.

I have written nearly 200 courses relating to all aspects of business – starting at the ground and working up to Board level in incremental steps. Every course includes quizzes or activities and downloadable templates to aid learners to apply and achieve. I look forward to working with you.