Ms. Jamie Andreas

Author of "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

Jamie Andreas is the author of the world acclaimed method for guitar "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar". Called "The Holy Grail" of guitar books, and "The International Bible Of Guitar", the Principles has enabled thousands of students worldwide who tried and failed to learn to play guitar for years or even decades, to become real guitar players.

In 2012 Jamie was profiled in the book "Guitar Zero" (Penguin Press 2012), a study of how adults learn to play guitar. NYU Professor Dr. Gary Marcus interviewed some of the worlds leading guitarist/teachers, including jazz legend Pat Martino and Tom Morello ("Rage Against The Machine"). He said.

"Another teacher who impressed me immensely was Jamie Andreas. The more we talked, the more impressed I became. Jamie is one of the few teachers who is interested in the relationship between muscle and brain and how to use one's body efficiently. Swim coaches and golf teachers consider such questions all the time, but it is decidedly rare in the field of guitar instruction.

Anyone who wants to be a true artist must start with sound fundamentals, and her classic book "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar" is the closest an adult could come to developing the kinds of habits that are instilled in Suzuki training".

Leading educators in the field of guitar instruction have also praised "The Principles":

Acoustic Guitar Magazine: "The Principles" is a two time winner of Acoustic Guitar's "Players Choice Award" in the "Guitar Instructional" category

Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine:

We highly recommend not only guitarists but all musicians read and consider Jamie’s thoughts on the principles of correct practice….

David Grimes, Soundboard Magazine:

I have recommended “The Principles” highly in my Guitar Pedagogy class…an excellent supplement to any other method book, and it is enormously useful for teachers

David Issacs, Professor of Guitar, Cerritos College, CA: “The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar” by Jamie Andreas changed my life! I gained immense confidence in my ability to communicate with my students. My students are playing better, learning faster, and accomplishing more. Through the use of Jamie’s terminology in this book, I can explain technique in a way that anyone can understand."