Jamie Newman

Leadership Consultant at Your Best Manager

I provide management consulting, recruitment consulting, leadership training, leadership resources, and manager coaching. I am also the Host of the Your Best Manager podcast, where I interview some of the world's top leadership experts.

I've spent the last 8 years working for a major recruiting & consulting firm, where I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies from small businesses to mid-market firms to Fortune 100 companies. I've provided human capital consulting within a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing & Logistics, Architecture & Municipal Engineering, Environment & Energy, and Finance & Insurance.

I have helped managers at all levels with hiring, performance management, employee engagement, and retention. Additionally, I have provided one-on-one coaching, one-on-one mentorship, classroom and online training to a variety of human resources professionals, internal and staffing agency recruiters, salespeople, and managers.

Some of the guests I've interviewed on the Your Best Manager podcast include:
-Howard Behar (Former President of Starbucks)
-Pernille Spiers-Lopez (Former CEO of IKEA North America & Global Chief HR Officer)
-Lee Cockerell (Former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World)
-And several members of the Inc. Magazine Global List of Top 100 Leadership and Management Experts and the Inc. Magazine Global List of Top 100 Leadership Speakers

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