James Weatherford

Founder & Instructor at App Crash Course.com

James Weatherford is a self taught ANDROID DEVELOPER with over 12 apps published to the google play store.

James Started building apps using the Construct 2 software 4 years ago and has continued to share his creative teaching skills with people just like you.

"Building Games has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I started in high school in the 90's when I dominated the basic programming class by creating a spaceship flying game out of simple keyboard characters like the "+" and "=" signs."

"My space ship looked kinda like this <++++++> and you could take off, fly and even abduct people!!"

Today I build apps and games using some of the most powerful and easy to use software ever created...

Construct 2 & INTEL XDK

Construct 2 is amazing, it uses a simple cause and event style command system.

Basically it works like this: IF (This Happens) [THEN DO THIS]

It is a command and event structure that is unlike no other.

Its that simple.

Anyone can use it and I make the learning process simple and fun.

Once you take any of my courses you will always have full access to the free resources and support available at the

App Crash Course website.

I will be here to help you every step of the way and I will make sure you understand exactly what your doing.

Welcome Aboard!