James Svetec


I am a 20-year-old entrepreneur and have been running my own successful painting business since the age of 18. In the past two years I have personally marketed, sold, and produced over $200,000 worth of painting work. I have recruited, hired, and trained 10 full time employees, and managed over 100 client job sites. All the while, I have been attending Carleton University in Ottawa, ON, Canada, studying commerce.

I recently put my university education on hold to work with a team of 24 young entrepreneurs, coaching them to the same level of success that I have achieved by teaching them the skills necessary to run and manage their own successful painting businesses.

This year, with the help of my mentor and now business partner, I will also be building a business from the ground up in the automotive industry.

My experience and expertise lies in the fields of business activities such as marketing, sales, cold calling, recruiting, training, management, entrepreneurship, and others.

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