James Petersen

Consultant at Amplified IT

James Petersen is a pedagogical and data consultant with Amplified IT, a high-school math teacher, the leader of the Montreal Google Educator Group and a Google Education Trainer and Google Certified Teacher. He has taught mathematics in a 1:1 program, and actively develops techniques to integrate Google Apps for Education and other technology tools to support learning both in and out of the classroom. He has trained educators all over North America to shift their pedagogy and use technology to create learning opportunities that technology provides.

James is also an active contributor and supporter of the Apps Script for Education - Builders and Users community on Google Plus. As an enthusiastic coder, he develops custom solutions to problems that teachers and schools face, creating connections between services and users to facilitate learning. He has hosted webinars focusing on empowering teachers to create their own solutions, and to share them with the global community.

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