Internet Social Media Marketing James Hickey

Internet, Digital and Social Media Marketing Expert - Coach

James Hickey is the President of JMH Marketing Group , Internet Marketing Training Center and Internet Marketing Coaching Program. He is a top leader in the Internet Marketing industry. He provides his clients and students with a proven Internet Marketing business model for Retail Businesses. He is an expert in all aspects of Internet Marketing , including Google Adwords, Video Marketing, Blogging, Article Marketing and Social Media Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Mobile Application Download Strategy and much more.
James is currently looking for retail businesses in San Diego or globally that want to grow their business via the Internet. He also created the Internet Marketing Consultant Training Program for use by business owners and individuals looking to start a career with Internet Marketing. He also created the Internet Marketing Coaching Program for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Start Up Companies that want to learn Internet Marketing at an Expert Level.



James Hickey