James Gutteridge

Consultant for Multinationals, High School Accounting and Business Studies Teacher, University Economics Tutor

I am a professional business consultant for multinational corporations in Southeast Asia. I design and conduct workshops to teach middle-level management skills and business communication skills. These are designed to help the corporations maintain consistency across their global operations, and for the employees to progress in their career pathways.

Before this I created and taught business and accounting courses for senior high school (years 10-12) students in Australia for 5 years. These courses focused on teaching pre-tertiary accounting, financial literacy and the skills to start and run businesses. I started teaching through the selective program Teach For Australia, before moving interstate and teaching for a further 3 years.

For these courses and my work I draw my expertise from my Economics education from Melbourne University, where I was also a tutor. I tutored first and second-year Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Quantitative Methods.

I am passionate about all things business and education, and have a postgraduate diploma in teaching from Melbourne University. This is on top of my BA (Economics, Political Science) and Diploma in Modern Languages (Mandarin Chinese). I also speak fluent Tagalog.

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