James Floyd Kelly

Freelance Technology Writer and Trainer

James Floyd Kelly is a full-time technology writer from Atlanta, Georgia. James has written over 30 books that cover topics such as LEGO robotics, Computer Aided Design (CAD), game programming, 3D printing, and open source software. He is a devoted tinkerer/maker, and enjoys learning new skills and finding new tools to master and passing that knowledge on to his two sons. From woodworking to electronics to programming, James always has a pair of goggles, a pen, and a notebook on hand so he can add a new hobby should the chance present itself.

The nitty gritty? Degrees in Industrial Engineering from Florida State University and English from the University of West Florida. Previous careers include network administrator, technology trainer, and technical editor. Books written for a mix of technology publishers that include Maker Media, Pearson/Que, Apress, and No Starch Press and frequent contributor to GeekDad.

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