James Cooke

Business Consultant | LinkedIn Specialist | Debt Collector

****Please note that I have retired, all my courses have been disabled, for existing students I'll of course answer any questions you may have****

Thanks for all the fish

James has two sides to his business which his colleagues refer to as his ‘Light Side’ & ‘Dark Side’.


James has been fortunate enough have had a successful career as a trouble shooter, specifically in the area of ‘Debt collection Management’.

For over 20 years he has helped many multimillion dollar businesses in the UK & Australia turning around lacklustre collections departments from ‘debt collection hell’ into lean process driven environments.

James is a licenced Mercantile Master Agent & holds a Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents licence.

Ok, how does that involve LinkedIn you might ask?


James has been a user of LinkedIn since 2006 and like most people using LinkedIn he never really bothered to understand the benefits of this business platform, until that is when James left his last corporate job and dived head first into the world of becoming self employed.

James wanted to teach business owners that there was a much better way of collecting money and to show how to become more self sufficient in collecting their own outstanding debts and to rely less on using a typical ‘Debt Collection Agency’.

James, however learnt very quickly that this was a small niche market and he struggled to get his ‘message’ out.

Large corporations didn’t care because their pockets were deep enough to absorb bad debts and small business owners just didn’t have the time to listen to him when he was trying traditional lead generation methods like ‘Cold Calling’.

James had spent thousands of his hard earned dollars into perfecting the right cold calling script but the return on investment was bad....really bad. So for this fledgling business to survive he had to find a better way of getting his message across to his target market.

He then refocused his attention to LinkedIn, the dusty cogs of his brain started to fire up and slowly but surely he begun to understand the benefits of how this platform could be:

1. Something he enjoyed using

2. Used to control how he conveyed his messages to potential prospects

3. Used to locate targeted prospects

4. Used only to deal with decision makers & bypass ‘gate keepers’

5. Cost effective versus other forms of lead generation

So, through trial and error James formulated his own LinkedIn lead generation strategy that was producing targeted & qualified leads on a daily basis.

This is what gave birth to LinkedIn Success. James now teaches his LinkedIn strategy to everyone from business owners, executives through to high school and college students how to leverage LinkedIn for their own needs.

Over the past 7 months James’ training has helped over 5 thousand people how to use LinkedIn whether that is for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Getting more business exposure
  • Positioning yourself to find a better job, or
  • Transitioning from student to first time jobseeker

James is no marketing or sales expert – and that’s the beauty of his strategy, you don’t need to be!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about James & the courses he offers. If you have any questions either about his 'Dark side' or his 'Light side' please don't hesitate to get in contact with him....he doesn't bite....well much anyway ;-)

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