James Doshin Benton

Meditation Teacher/Guide, with 25 years of experience

I stepped upon the path of self-inquiry and meditation in 1990. I have come to develop a certain understanding of this multi-faceted, at times, strange life through immersing myself into a variety of cultures through my travels and living in different countries.

I've now been for the last 25 years on a journey of discovery through many contemplative paths and traditions, which have included Zen Buddhism, Vedanta, Shamanic Cultures, and have received training in a wide range of therapeutic arts and modalities such as Aikido, Qi Gong, Shamanic Healing Traditions, Transpersonal Psychology, and others. 

 My root intention is to just clear away a bit more of life's murkiness, to remain in service to my fellow Earthly beings in some way, and to assist others in doing the same.

I've as well, recently partnered with the good folks at iAwake, creators of the highly acclaimed Profound Meditation Program , where this course has been featured.

 I invite you to connect with me with any questions or concerns.

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