James Pilc

America's Meditation Doctor

As a Physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Jim currently leads his complementary practice of Meditative Self-Healing and Fusion Medicine as the CEO of James D Pilc LLC.  As a Personal Meditative Guide, healer and awakening coach, he teaches self-awareness and healing techniques.  Meditative Self-Healing extends to any illness and career or life problem where a quiet mind can bring about positive change. Jim guides families, couples, children and corporations through Meditative Healing and Fusion Medicine to include Western and Eastern Medicine.

Jim is an author of “Unstuck:  The Enlightenment of Medicine”,  “Introduction to Meditation:  A Path to Ourselves” and “Beyond”.  By collaborating with a top sound composer, he offers a unique collection of meditative CDs/digital downloads for adults and children including “Guided Meditation:  A Path to Peace”, “Children’s Meditation:  A Beautiful and Magical Relaxation” and “Deep Mindful Exploration”. Accompanying the Children’s Meditation CD is a meditation buddy to snuggle with during their relaxation, designed by Jim’s nine year-old son.

Jim’s journey into Eastern Medicine began after being diagnosed with bone marrow cancer in 2005.  He came to meditation as a complementary therapy to his Western treatment resulting in complete healing.  His calling is to help those in need of physical, emotional and energetic or spiritual healing and to further investigate the connection between Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine and Meditative Self-Healing.  He teaches group guided meditation classes and holds individual Meditative Self-Healing sessions to guide people to find the Core causative Agent of their disease and heal themselves.  He has a fresh approach to traditional meditation and offered meditative sailing aboard the Spirit of Buffalo, bringing it to WNY for the first time.  Jim has lectured to national and international organizations and talked on national and local radio shows.  His efforts and mission are to raise the global consciousness, help people reach complete healing, and create a new and improved connection with spirit.

Jim graduated from the University of Buffalo with a Bachelor’s in Science and Medical Doctorate and was privileged to create a thriving Obstetrics and Gynecology practice in Western New York for more than 25 years.  He managed and cared for a private practice of greater than 5000 wonderful people and currently lives in Buffalo, New York with his husband and 2 sons.

His favorite quote is from Mother Teresa “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”.  This is where healing begins.

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