James Hyatt

Grizzly Surf Coach

Riding waves is the most thrilling activity this world has to offer. I help people experience that feeling. My name is James Hyatt aka (Grizzly) and I am from Southern California, San Diego. I work at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center as a full time surf instructor and help newbie surfers learn the skills of surfing. My passion is seeing people catch waves for the first time and the excitement of sharing that out of this world moment with them. Our facility teaches over 650+ students how to surf EVERY semester. We understand the trials and tribulations of beginning surfing and can help you accelerate through the surfing learning curve to get you up and shredding faster. I am so excited to bring the sunny san diego classroom to you via udemy, get to know you personally, and teach you how to surf. Aloha for now and we'll be talking soon:)