James Davey

The Exam Coach

Since graduating from the University of Exeter in 2014 James has been helping students with their exam performance and preparation. 

During his time in education James found exams tough to handle at first. Often not having the motivation nor the focus required to succeed. Throughout his time at Bradfield College James transitioned from a student who regularly performed below his potential, to one that learned to strike a balance between working hard and other aspects of teenage life. He made an effort to become more attentive in class and see his academic work through to completion on time and to the best of his ability. Soon enough, Jame saw his results begin to change and he hasn't looked back or let go of that momentum since! 

James specialises in providing useful information on the social channels where students spend their time and attention. He has developed some simple strategies and techniques to help students with their exam preparation and performance. His approach is simple and easy to implement. He deconstructs and breaks down exams so students can see them for what they really are - not a test of innate intelligence - but something that can be learned just like any other skill. This, combined with a fundamental understanding of the challenges facing students studying for exams today (procrastination, lack of motivation, stress), means he is well placed to guide any student through their exam season and he'll do it 'The Exam Coach Way'. 

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