I love learning! But growing up, I wrongfully believed that you had to be a boring academic type to fall in love with learning. So although it wasn't a love at first sight. It was a romance that grew over time. 

From 2009 to 2015, I was the technical co-founder of Kwik Learning. A center to learn 'how' to learn. We had students taking our online speed reading and memory courses from over 120 countries! Including celebrities and corporate clients from Nike, GE, Virgin, SpaceX, Harvard, Fox Studio and much more. 

After reading 110 books in 96 weeks as a personal challenge, I became a promoter of literacy. Even giving a TEDx talk about reading titled How to rent brilliant brains. As a voracious reader, I still devour a book or two every week. Spending a big chunk of my time researching how entrepreneurs can master the art of learning complicated things fast. Because it's the only way to remain valuable in our knowledge-driven economy.

But it's difficult to learn fast when your attention gets pulled in many directions. So I'm here to arm you with the knowledge and courage to battle procrastination and refocus on what's important. No more letting busyness rob your productivity. Together, we'll crush procrastination! One day at a time. 

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