I'm on Udemy to share my knowledge of health, fitness, nutrition, digital product creation and digital marketing. Within each of these areas I will be sharing more specific information to help those who can use my knowledge the most.

I go by Jake The Body Coach™... I'm over 51 years old and I love boxing fitness, back flips, handstands, calisthenics, and nutrition. More importantly, I love helping people lose weight, build muscle, and get in great shape.

Helping people improve their health, fitness, nutrition and mindset so they can experience transformation, via my online coaching, courses and products (Grin!)... is where my chief focus is at this time. Wait, there's more!

In addition, I'll be sharing some information on how to build websites using various software. I'll also be teaching, how to create digital products (eBooks and eCourses), as well as how to market your products online and sell them using various third party processors!

Sounds like I have some work to do, because that's the only way I'll get to share what I know! Hope to see you in one (or two... even three) of my courses (wink!).

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