Jaime Garza


At an early age I stumbled across Personal Development and it was no accident that I did, at the time I did. I was going through some tough times where a lot was happening in a short period of time. And I wasn't adapting well. Low self esteem led to Depression, Depression led to drug abuse, which led to Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Panic Attacks led to a life of constant fear and struggle. But when there's hope in the future, then there's power in the present. So I went to work, researching and applying everything from a variety of different genres. Everything from Psychology, to Sales, to Spiritualism, to Mind Body, to Motivation, to Brain Anatomy and Nervous System. I wanted to find a way to combine aspects from all of them, ensuring a very proactive, comprehensive approach to helping others take back their power.

After learning, compiling, piecing together, testing, and modifying, i was making headway in overcoming my hurdles, but I was also helping others do the same. After recieving my degree in Life Sciences, I went on to teach High School Biology for 7 years. 

I always had a vision of working for myself and so, 2 years ago, I resigned from my guranteed teaching job to pursue my passion. And that is to be a positive difference-maker in enough lives, that the world is impacted. My goal is to equip you with practical strategy and best practices that provide meaningful results. And because I've done the work, your learning curve is shortened, just by following through. But ultimately, my goal is to serve, providing the map and walking you through it, so that You Can Position Yourself For Power.

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