Jacqueline Coe

Parenting Coach and Mentor

Hi I’m Jacqueline Coe – Parenting Expert, Author, Speaker, Transformational Parenting Coach and Mentor.

Parenting skill is generational with about a 26-year turnaround.  Go back a few generations and you are back in the Victorian age!  Would trying to cope with less than suitable parenting skills, within the speed and pressure of life today, be relevant to your needs?  With all the ready available bits of information out there, and you having to piece it all together yourself, be helpful to you when you are not even sure what you are looking for? 

I hear newly expectant parents say...

"We are about to have a baby and we have no idea what we are doing"!  "We are about to become parents and that feels like such a huge responsibility, when we haven't got a clue how to be parents"!

And more importantly, I hear seasoned parents who continue to say...

"It can be terrifying being a parent"!  "Having to make things up as you go along, hoping everything will turn out ok"!  "Sometimes it can feel like you are working in the dark and not really understanding what you are doing"!  "It's just difficult to know if you are doing the right thing"!

I want to say to new and seasoned parents alike, ok, let's get rid of the terror, let's get rid of the confusion, let's banish the unknown and help you to see and understand some guidelines towards getting it right! 

I believe it is time to introduce new and unique parenting skills, knowledge and understanding into the parenting world, so all the different areas of your life, career and family life are able to move forward together in harmony rather than through confusion, challenge or chaos.

I believe it's time to allow you to get your parenting skills, knowledge and understanding up to speed with the rest of your life.  At Intelligent Parenting® we aim to support you with this and to show you how.

Bringing Your New Baby Home - The First Six Weeks - 5 Steps To Success, is a new and unique foundational programme for newly expectant parents and the first steps towards achieving this balance and clarity in your parenting life.

My mission is to inspire and empower heart-centred, busy working parents to greater levels of achievement and success by helping you move away from old myths and beliefs towards acquiring new skills, knowledge and understanding, so that with enthusiasm and energy you are able to build a guilt-free, purposeful life, career and family life – and there are 4 key components to this transition:

  • Awareness
  • Understanding
  • Having access to new, unique, clear, balanced and aligned, well structured parenting information.
  • Having a clear knowledge and understanding of the Parenting Journey™.

All the Intelligent Parenting® programmes, modules and units of information are packaged in such a way, to flow from one level of understanding to the next - where the path to your parenting journey is laid out before you, so at every level, through these unique transformational stages, you are supported and can confidently decide how you would like your parenting experience to be!

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