Jacob Wustner

Jacob Wustner is a second-generation beekeeper from Missoula, MT. He operates Sapphire Apiaries in Stevensville, MT where he produces honey bee products, produce, and mushrooms using the highest principles of Permaculture. Jacob keeps honey bees using natural farming methods such as selecting for disease resistance, raising naturally-mated queens, and only feeding honey.

The mission at Sapphire Apiaries is to “cultivate fruit and nut trees and shrubs, edible and medicinal mushrooms, nutrient dense polyculture produce, pastured poultry and pork, and harvest the purest comb honey from hardy, disease-resistant honey bees.”

Jacob has amassed an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge regarding keeping honeybees. He grew up within the commercial, conventional beekeeping industry; later ventured into organic beekeeping with his brother at Wustner Brothers Honey; then recently launched into a Permaculture approach to keeping honey bees with Sapphire Apiaries. His knowledge of ecology and Permaculture allows him to teach from a holistic perspective that is very informative, very interesting, and very helpful when it comes to understanding honey bees.

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