Jacob Isaacson


My name is Jacob Isaacson I started out just a kid using Redhat linux and started to learn more about the different operating systems like Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. I went to school to be a software developer and I have a lot of experience with Linux and System Administration. I have also developed in several languages including Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python3, C#, C++. I also have experience with different flavors of linux and creating vmware custom virtual machines. 

The flavors of linux that I have used and installed are: Fedora, Redhat, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Centos, OpenSuse, Mint, ArchLinux etc.... I really like to create new productions and learn new things. I also want to be an instructor and teach people how to use technology to make there world a better place. 

I am intending on writing several other courses on vagrant, Basic Linux, and Creating Automation Scripts

Some of my hobbies are Exercising, Marathons, Watching movies and Tv Shows, Paint balling, and just about any sport except for soccer. 

I hope to help out people that are maybe struggling with linux or containers.

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