Jacob DeVries


Hi my name is Jacob DeVries and I didn't always take to fitness, in fact, I was overweight in high school, I was 200lbs in my sophomore year of high school, I had no self confidence, and wanted a change.

I thought to myself if only I was skinny..

So I went on a quest to figure out how to be skinny, I ate very little and ran everyday and lost 40 pounds that summer. I came back to my junior year of high school at 160 lbs at 6'2". I soon realize this isn't what I wanted

I wanted to be muscular...

So this began my fitness journey again, I went on a quest to become big and muscular, I gained 40 pounds by the end of my joiner year, and an additional 20 by the end of my senior year of high school.(one of my senior pictures when I reached 220 after a long bulk)

I realized again this wasn't what I wanted either so I cut down to 170lbs, and I started to look better, but I wasn't satisfied. Even though I was 10lbs heavier than I was when I was scrawny, I look completely different, and I was at a lower body fat percentage. This is the first time in my life I was able to see my abs.

Along this journey of losing fat, and gaining muscle, I fell in LOVE with manipulating my body composition for better, I became obsessed with learning about fitness, this was it..

I found my PASSION and I became a personal trainer, but there was one BIG problem, I got into fitness to help people but the amount of people I could help in a small town as a personal trainer was vastly limited so I went to the internet.

But instead of one-on-one coaching online, which would again limit the amount of people I could help, because I only have so many hours in the day, I decided to make a course so I could help as many people as possible.

So I decided to make my own course so I could help as many people as possible lose as much as weight as they what while still loving the process of getting into incredible shape.

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