Jackie Parkinson

Professional Tech Nerd

A self-proclaimed tech nerd, Jackie Parkinson is looking to further any opportunity and relinquish her marketing, journalism, communication, project management and sales insights on the business world. She enjoys the ever-so-often status updates from Mashable, her favorite blog, and follows any news source she can get her hands on. This city girl from Denver, CO enjoys her work and that reflects to her co-workers. She enjoys making a positive impact on her company Jaeti Media Group's business strategies and works hard to see those results, even if it's just increasing a conversion rate by 0.1%. As a graduate of the University of Colorado, she has a degree in International Business and Marketing. While she may be young, she has numerous accomplishments and a tough work ethic. It's given her the get up and go that she's known for today. Don't get her wrong, she enjoys every minute of her so-called life and would love the opportunity to work with you.