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Jackie Ngomesia has been sharing the message of overcoming every challenge in life with the Blood of Jesus Christ. She caught the fire for Jesus Christ before the mystical forty, and has not slowed down since. Her new birth experience came suddenly during her two-year period of near-death experience, starting December 2007, and Jackie tells the story in her book - My Triumph Over Death - of how she saw Jesus Christ in her hospital room and fought for her life. She faced fierce spiritual warfare, but overcame by the Blood of Jesus. The old things have passed away, and she is a new creation in Christ Jesus! Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!

Jackie was raised Catholic, but since coming to America she became Pentecostal with her family. While she worked every hour she could to earn more money, Jackie believed in God and liked church to a point. But if truth be told, money was the most important thing in her life. All was fine until Jackie had a defining moment in her life! At Jackie's darkest hour, she was shown the key to overcoming death! Jackie was pulled back from hell to live the vibrant and productive life she lives today.

After Jackie's miraculous healing in 2009, the Lord called her into healing ministry. Jackie, and her husband Henry, were ordained July 2011 in Rhode Island through Christ Love Ministries International. She and her husband are in full time ministry taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the market place (out of the four walls of a church).
Jackie published a book in December 2011, titled 'My Triumph Over Death." Her personal and victorious testimony is proof that God is a miracle-working God and He is still in the healing business today. Jackie and her husband are working on publishing a third book titled "The Daniel Fast - 21Days of Prayer & Fasting." Jackie and her husband are founders of Rainbow Evangelistic Ministry where God has commissioned them to take the message of the Kingdom of God to hurting souls around the world. Jackie says all she does can never be by any human effort but through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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