Umar Farooq

Online Instructor, SEO Marketer & Published Author

Umar Farooq has experienced different fields in the past few years. He's a Pro Blogger, Graphic Designer, SEO Consultant and Published Author at Amazon. He has helped thousands on Quora, ITDunya, and other question and answering websites and forums. He loves writing about Technology and Smart Gadgets. He's basically an Internet Marketer and also loves helping people around him so that he can influence people to help each other in difficult moments of life.


Umar has over 2 years of experience in Blogging and SEO. He's in this field from 2012, but professionally, he's doing this from 2013. He started his career from helping forums where people ask questions about their issues they're facing. It all started in 2012. After then, he's expanding his knowledge and helping people with it as well.

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