Itai Bloom

Business Strategy

I currently work at NICE systems as a corporate strategy analyst. Here, I get to practice some of the things I am most passionate about which are analytic and strategic thinking and driving change in a fast pace environment that requires fast learning capabilities and outside-the-box problem solving. A great deal of the work I do at NICE requires team-work and collaboration skills.

I am passionate about innovation, new ideas and pushing the envelope. This is why, together with a great friend, I co-founded and managed an online retail company. This was a great learning experience for me, where I had a chance to apply myself through hard work and a high motivational attitude, which are affluent in everything I do.

In the army, one of the first things I knew was that I wanted to command and become and officer. It was very important to me to serve where I can make a difference and get an intellectual challenge. Eventually, I served in unit 8200 (technology and intelligence) as a division commander (rank of captain in reserve) with over 30 soldiers and 6 officers under my command. I acquired diverse managerial experience working on technological projects as well as intelligence gathering assignments.

I love reading, traveling and hiking, being with my friends and learning new and exciting things.