Iskan Selim


Iskan Selim is a greek martial artist  borned in Germany in 1981.  He took the first steps in martial arts starting from the Muai Thai at an early age where he had important awards in competitions specifically 28 wins in a total of 29 matches.In 2001 he entered in the world of Krav Maga and began to train as a student in one of the most highly respected schools in Israel. In 2007 he took the title of Master and 4 years later founded the self-defense system and single member company Krav Maga Viper. Today Iskan Selim is considered being one of the top examiners in the world with experience of having lessons and seminars in 120 countries. Τwo years before the establishment of the company he trained for 2 years in the Russian brigade of Samara and learned the art of Voin Spetsnaz Gru. Krav Maga Viper is combining techniques from all the martial arts that he have learned during his life. Two of the most important awards given in Krav Maga Viper and the Master Iskan Selim are  the American President's Challenge that he won in 2013 and claimed the Gold Award as Presidential Champion, signed by the President of the USA Barack Obama, and second the title of world champion in the self-defense world championship in Germany in 2015 where he represented his country, Greece and the Krav Maga Viper. The World Martial Arts Federation MAA, gave him the gold belt and recognised KMV as one of the top self-defense systems in the world.

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