Ishantha Lokuge

Magician, Instructor, Entreprenuer

Ishantha has been performing magic for over 30 years around the world. He has mastered the art of close-up magic, which is a branch of magic done at a very close distance from the spectators such as on a street. Similar to famous street magicians, Ishantha performed magic on the streets of boston in Harvard Square with a special permit from the Cambridge Arts Council. Ishantha is also world renowned for formally studying the cognitive principles of magic at the MIT Media Lab in conjunction with the cognitive science department. During his formal study, he also had the privilege of meeting famous magicians like Penn & Teller who were collaborating with the MIT Media Lab on special projects. Ishantha's study of the cognitive principles of magic and its application to user experience design has been published in journals on Computer Human Interaction and at MIT. He enjoys performing both professionally and for friends.