Jouni Orenius

Agility instructor

My name is Jouni Orenius and I am from Turku Finland. I am 30 years old and I live in southern Sweden together with my girlfriend and our three dogs. I have a master´s degree in economics but I work full time as an agility instructor. I have been competing in agility since 2005. In 2008 I got the pronze medal in world championships with my first dog Yoko and I have been giving seminars ever since. My next goal is to start giving agility courses online.

Both me and my girlfriend Isabelle Emanuelsson have been competing on the highest level in agility for years. At the moment I am competing with my 3 year-old border collie Neela. Neela was under 2 years when we participated in the FCI world championships for the first time. After that we have been competing in European open as well as in world agility open in Lignano Italy where we represented the Swedish team for the first time. I am from Finland but have been living in Sweden almost a year now.

Isabelle competes with her border collie Noa. Noa is almost 9 years old and still going strong. Isabelle and Noa have represented the Swedish team in world championships 3 times. Our third dog Finn will start his career this summer together with Isabelle.

Our dogs are first of all our family members, friends and companions. Being able to do something we love together with our dogs is a privilege that we cherish. That means that the health of our dogs always comes first and we do a lot of pre-emptive work to keep our dogs in good shape both physically and mentally.

Orenius/Emanuelsson online training is something I have been considering for some time now. And finally after my studies I have the time to commit myself to it. The reason why I started in the first place is that I have been asked many times during our seminars both in Sweden and abroad if we can offer long distance training. Now I am excited that I can both offer this online training service to all our agility friends all around the world and able to follow their development.