Imran Hussain

Chemical Engineer by day, Food Lover by night

While studying Chemical Engineering I took Food Technology classes and here I started my journey in flavour creation. I also took this fascination in my personal life by trying to create my own delicious recipes. I’ve worked as engineer in different industries but my passion of trying and cooking of new foods has continued.

I have studied on a molecular level interactions of food components and the effects of processing with regards to the texture, color, flavor and quality of a range of food products.

Topics that I have spent 100+ hours on are:

  • ·How you can add preservatives without affecting flavour
  • ·Sources, structure, stability and nutritional importance of color and flavor molecules
  • ·Reducing sugar and retaining flavour by replacing it with natural sweeteners
  • ·The effect of high pressure processes on lipid and fat cells in large scale manufacturing
  • ·Sensory perception of flavor in food
  • ·Stabilisation of water-fat emulsions and creaming of light fats

I've even designed equipment for large scale extraction of sugar from sugar beets; granulation mixers to produce highly concentrated powders (such as coffee or gravy) to reduce packaging.

I have worked with global experts in aroma creation, crafting the first smell the consumer has when they open the food packaging.

Additionally like most students I have worked in the food services. Working in a pizzeria I have spent many shifts coming up with many combinations, this passion for food is evident in my courses.

My aim is to spread this knowledge I’ve gained from an industrial level to small kitchen to help other eager cooks in simple, straightforward terms.

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