Linda DuBois

Professional Quilter

Linda DuBois has been quilting for over ten years and has created over thirty five quilts of various sizes. She has a talent and passion for quilting and believes anyone can quilt, all they need is a little instruction; which is why Linda decided to create this course.

Linda believes that anyone can learn to quilt; even though they may think it is too overwhelming and complicated.

Linda remembers when she first started quilting. She was overwhelmed because she looked at the quilt as the whole picture; but then realized that each block must be broken down. So, don’t look at your quilt as a whole, look at how your blocks are constructed and break them into smaller segments. Take small bites, break the block down into smaller pieces and soon you will have your masterpiece.

Remember, all the small pieces are used to make your total quilt. Linda’s most valuable piece of advice to us all, work one block at a time!

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