Ajija Egbe Ewe ti Ijinle

Spiral School of Secrets by iiiYansa J. Muse

Sunrays and Moonbeams.

I manifest this finds you well. For many years, I have served as an oracle figure in the lives of many, both professionally and in everyday passing. I am an initiated Priestess of Oya who is fluent in over 16 different forms of divination. I long to share some secrets of sharpening spiritual living, complete with original learning text. To reveal these things will unlock the gates of higher living for you! My courses are a great fit for those who just want to learn of the mystics, as well as conditioning for seasoned lightworkers. My pleasure to be your gatekeeper either way, so to speak. With that said, welcome to my school of mysteries. I know you'll love it!

Ase in Love, 

iiiYansa J. Muse