Ida Pastore

Italian Cooking Chef

Ida is a professional chef for over 10 years as it has Got to work with numerous restaurants and local farms with Inventions of New culinary combinations to historical Italian recipes. Her experience is formed by several years by the best resorts of Naples, Salerno and Amalfi Coast, And for this they will never give up because passions ... Travelling to Discover New special ingredients and the USA inevitable companion travel bag and Louis Vuitton. A bit of History Ida has always lived in a place rurally Very Rich, in fact, lives in one of the historic properties and residences as well as the Noble Prince, Andrea Doria of Genova. This place is situated in Battipaglia, a city in the province of Salerno, Campania, Italy. Prince, used this seal During your summer vacation, in How could enjoy a space landowner really huge, dove could Running and walking rate in freedom with His real horses, Reach the Mediterranean Sea in a few Kilometers, Realize many hunts but above all, enjoyed UN Rich soil for crops Multiple Variety food where he still uses Ida THESE products of HIS earth to cook delicacies of classic and original Italian cuisine.

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