Yaroslav Yasinskiy

life coach

Hello! Im Yar Yasinskiy.

And now I want to tell you a short story about me and my experience.

I have 9 years of public speaking experience. It started spontaneously. I didn't have any confidence or inner power in some period of my life. But one day I promised to my friend to hold his event as MC. I was prepared in 5 days. That experience show to me all of my weaknesses.

And I started to search decisions. How to be more confident and speak better. I reed hundreds of texts, try everything on practice... And after that - i start to get results.

I was a TV presenter, was in movie like an actor, was in TV advertising like an actor, and take part in the city celebrations like a speaker, was like a guest on the radio show. 

Now I help other people to improve their public speaking skills on practice.

Public speaking and communication is big part of my life.

And now I want to share some of my knowledges on Udemy.

Welcome to my Fastest Interactive course of Public Speaking!

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