Mr. Ian Garlic

CEO of authenticWEB, award winning marketing agency, author, teacher, #marketingnerd

My goal is to help professionals running their own business succeed in the deepest sense of the word. This means teaching them how to get more clients. I believe that empowering small business will change the world for the better.

What separates me is that I also do this on a daily basis for our clients at authenticWEB, a national internet marketing agency in Florida.

I run barefoot, eat and cook mostly vegetarian and try to save the environment. At first glance, I think I look more preppy nerd than hippy.

I love business, computers, marketing and the internet. I worked as a trader for a hedge fund before going to work as a consultant for one of the largest information companies in the world.

As founder and CEO of authenticWEB, I have helped hundreds of professionals increase the number and quality of their clients through a holistic, business minded approach to internet marketing.

I stress the power of story, using SEO and Video and paying close attention to analytics to create a unique strategy for everyone.

I have a passion for teaching marketing to professionals because I know it can change their lives. I believe everyone has stories to tell and to sell. The internet allows your stories to create the business of your dreams.

I have taught to many professional organizations around the country and consulted to fortune 500 companies.

I also am always searching for the latest techniques and ways to explain them simply so everyone can use them.

There is nothing more exciting to see someone going from having no website to being a powerhouse business!

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