Hilmar Kuhnemann

BioDynamic BeeKeeper

I am a graduate of a course in holistic beekeeping given at the Stuttgart Center, and have been a beekeeper for many years.

Up until 2013 I was working in a conventional apiary in the Galilee, with 800 hives spread over agricultural lands and uncultivated areas from central to northern Israel.

The phenomena of Colony Collapse disorder causing bees mortality around the world has got me very worried and I started researching the issue, desperate to find a solution. I discovered there was another way, a friendlier way, to treat bees whereby the many gifts this magical kingdom contains could also be enjoyed by us humans, without doing the bees any harm. This is the bio-dynamic method of beekeeping, one which encourages mutual support. Man treats bees kindly and cares for their wellbeing just as bees help man.

Nowadays, I teach practical courses for holistic beekeeping, which I believe can help strengthen the ties between man and bees generally and foster a closer relationship between the two worlds, to our mutual benefit.

I also practice apitherapy – treatment with beehive products, notably BVT – Bee Venom Therapy.

My vision:

My main goal, consequently, is to establish bio-dynamic – holistic apiaries to provide therapy for people with special needs.

Bio-dynamic apiaries would offer a remedy for bees and healing for the world at large.

The project would employ a combined Arab-Jewish work force, helping to nurture greater understanding between the peoples.