Huw Griffiths

Mindfulness Health Resilience and Happiness

Acupuncturist, Mindfulness teacher, Buddhist.

Huw Griffiths Lic Ac is an experienced mindfulness teacher who builds on over 30 years of experience working in the field of body / mind medicine for stress and stress related illness. Huw has completed a mindfulness teacher training course at the University of Wales in Bangor. 

Huw’s personal engagement with meditation and mindfulness practice supports much of his work and teaching.

Huw trained with Professor J.R. Worsley a foremost teacher of Five Element Acupuncture which emphasises the importance of identifying and treating the underlying cause of illness and disease, not just the outward manifestation of symptoms. In this way the body/mind works naturally to balance and heal itself. Huw passionately believes that harmonising the mind and body is the primary and foremost method of achieving health happiness and wellbeing. 

Using Mindfulness is the single fastest and most effective way of achieving this end. This 7 day course is the distillation of years of practice and teaching making it a potent and effective way to learn and feel the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

Using your mind, to change the structure of your brain, to change your mind.

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