Humberto Gil

Engineer, and Masters in IT

I have been teaching computer courses for the last 14 years in various institutions of higher education. After a start in corporate America, I was invited to teach and fell in love with the experience. I really believe I have a talent for simplifying complex subjects and I actually enjoy making these subjects accessible even to those with little exposure to technology.

My professional career started as a Civil Engineer and a few years later took a Master’s Degree in Information technology, some of the jobs I have held include Resident Engineer and a 2 years freelance experience in networking and web development.

My teaching style is to sprinkle my lectures with a little humor, it refreshes the atmosphere, and to point out mistakes I see of more common occurrence to those new to the topics.

Why do we have to fail to learn? if all those errors are foreseeable by the instructor and proper warnings are in order so we can abbreviate your learning experience.

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