Howard Haines

Start-up Researcher & Entrepreneur

Howard has an MBA from Brigham Young University and over 15 years of experience in solving problems and developing talent in Fortune 500 companies. However, his real love is helping others find and achieve their passions through entrepreneurship. Besides his own companies, he has also acted as a personal mentor and adviser for over 30 start-ups. He helped to create a peer mentor-based accelerator program for start-ups in any industry. He has conduct several workshops for accelerators and entrepreneur communities including building the curriculum for an immersion business model boot camp. The lessons learned while creating and growing those various programs are part of the interactive Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs course.

Howard is currently engaged in PhD research focused on demystifying the start-up process and how entrepreneurship can best be taught to anyone that wants to learn. His most recent published research used expertise from over 70 successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and focused on how entrepreneurs overcome self-doubt to keep going.

Howard also currently volunteers as the Executive Director for Startup Utah. He believes that the world's social ills and problems can best be solved when people are able to leverage their talents and passions. Entrepreneurship is the discovery, application, and execution of business models that solve problems. Howard is excited to help you learn to discover your business.

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