Gregor Karmann

Personal Trainer, Nutritional Coach and App Developer

Fitness is my passion.

Since my childhood I do sport. I started with competitive swim training with 4 years old.

Then over 10 years athletic training.

After that I worked out in the rowing club for 4 years, which led me to the Fitness and strength training.

I do strength training now for over 8 years. I also became an Instructor for the martial arts Wing Tsung.

Then I turned my passion into my profession and accomplished my Bachelor of Arts Fitness economics. During this time I worked over 3 years in a Gym in Munich. There it was also my job to teach the coaches about training science.

Right now I work as a personal trainer in Germany and Australia. And are happy to help many people to reach their goals.

I'm also working on several projects for online fitness training for children, pregnant women, elderly and on food apps.

This year I will start my Master corporate Health Management and I am happy to increase my knowledge.

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