Hisashi Asakura

Software Engineer & Algorithmic Forex Trader

I'm Sashi Asakura, and I'm a Forex investment engineer. I've been a software engineer for over 5 years and an algorithmic Forex trader for over 2 years (out of 6+ years in overall Forex trading). 

I have helped my clients design systematic and battle-tested investment plans. My clients turn to me when they need better investment advice than "buy and hold," "hustle and grind and you'll get better at trading in 2 years," "trust the system that's not systematically tested," and when they want to stop trading based on gut-instinct or guessing work.

I went from sub-zero (investing manually and emotionally and lost $15k) to 50-60% annual return in the past 2 years of algorithmic Forex trading, and trading is not even my full time business... all because I know how to use proven systems and testing methods to validate consistency, profitability, and robustness of trading systems from probabilistic and statistical standpoint.

Other interesting facts about myself:

  • -Became one of the Amazon best-selling Kindle authors in Forex trading category
  • -Have been featured in Counting Pips, MQL5, Forex Crunch, and FX Street
  • -Was a software engineer at Microsoft and BlackBerry
  • -Am generally lazy and love the idea of software automation followed by automated testing. My studies in investment and personal finance include: Intelligent Investors, Poor Charlie's Almanack, Money Master The Game, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Total Money Makeover, Trading in a Zone, Trading for a Living, Millionaire Next Door, Slight Edge, and more.

You can find me at my website: Introverted Forex Engineer.

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