Hieu Duc Pham

IOS Developer

I’m Hieu Pham, I started to know about IOS and work this IOS about 5 year ago.

I start to work with Swift about 6 month ago and I very like this language and specially I’m very interested in apple Watch App. I'm working at Taoviet-Apple-Services about nearly 5 year. I have a lot of applications on Apple store

I already join a lot of online courses from the beginning of my developer carrier, some courses are good, some courses are not good as I thought. So I know how to help the student work effective with their learning. After experimenting with various courses, learning styles, and teaching processes, I've adopted the best strategies and used them in my courses. Since the announcement of the new Swift programming language by Apple, I have work with Swift since that also for Apple watch too. You can check my application on Apple Store by search the taoviet.vn and Hieu Pham.

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