Heurexler Research

India's Premier Research & Data Science Company

Heurexler Research Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held research company  incorporated in 2013 under Companies Act 1956 & Companies Act 2013 in India. Heurexler Research works at the interface of standard scientific research and expertise and the corporate requirement and receptiveness for the same. At Heurexler we strive to make the serious scientific research a staple for the practical solutions required for addressing the challenges of modern business life and competitive growth. Our company offers customized human resource and testing services & develops new psychometric tests to suit the special needs of our clients. Our core services include dealing with predictive analytics and data science, providing market research, psychometric, training, assessment, and related human resource services. Our team consists of highly qualified research professionals, academicians and experts working with cutting edge quantitative and qualitative research skills.

Our Clients:

Our clients come from all parts of the globe and we have offered our consultancy and training to premium organizations like:

1. Ernst & Young, India

Our IBM SPSS Training Program has been rated 4.5/5 by Ernst & Young India. The detailed feedback report you can refer to testimonial section of our website.

2. University of Delhi, Delhi India

3. DRDO, Chandigarh

4. Scholars from London School of Economics, University of Tallin, Estonia, University of Sydney, Australia

We are the leading research software trainers with our trainers being PhD qualified and published with high impact journals.