Heshsham Basit

Engineer at HBConsort and STEM explorer at Easy Way Science

I hold a master's degree in technology with specialization in Communication & Information Systems from AMU, India.  After graduation I founded my company HBConsort focusing on education and software development services on GPGPU (General Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Unit) & Embedded Systems. From the year 2014 my company started providing combined service of Prototyping plus Intellectual Property helping inventors/investors at early stages of business.   

In 2011 I conducted India's first FDP on OpoenCL in association with AMD, India.  My other training programs were also sponsored by NVIDIA Corporation. I also conducted short term course at India Institute of Technology consecutively for two years.   

For close to eight years I worked on PoCs and Prototypes for our clients in USA and Japan.  I also developed products on Imaging, LED testing and 3D printing.

Over all during my professional career I developed softwares on  x86  CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and Microcontrollers with focus on performance issues.

In 2014 I started working on Easy Way Science part-time and worked with kids to learn & teach how Science , Technology , Engineering & Maths (STEM) relate  to each other in our daily life. 

I am always fascinated about computers and how they work and love teaching related subjects. 



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