Hervy Christmas

Driver Career and Life Coach

I drove for 13 years and loved it.  I was company driver for half of that time and owner operator for the rest.  Learned a lot of lessons.  Found out there was a lot of unhappy drivers.  Meanwhile, I had won several driving awards. I interviewed many drivers and found out that the reason for their unhappiness was likely that they were incompatible for the trucking lifestyle or had made some terrible mistakes that affected their money, health, relationships or a combination of all three.  

I sought out to address the issue.  I wrote a few books, recorded a CD, DVD and eventually developed a website to share what I learned about life as a trucker.  The idea was to help people determine if they were compatible for trucking prior to spending the money for getting their CDL and then educating them on how to make trucking a successful career.

As part of my mission to make this world and the trucking industry a better place I spent most of my downtime on the road either writing or studying personal development to work on becoming a better version of myself.  

So now I am using the Udemy platform to live my passion for sharing the lessons that I have learned on the wonderful journey.

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