Henry Mehta

Credit Management Expert

Henry Mehta was Head of Credit Management at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water for 10 years.  During that period, he took the company from one of the worst performing Credit Management departments in the UK Water Industry to one of the top performing companies.  Debtor days and write-offs fell by 33% within 2 years and then maintained top tier performance for the remainder of his tenure.

During this period, Henry was also instrumental in establishing the Association of Credit Professionals within the Credit Management profession in the United Kingdom and Ireland, writing numerous articles for Credit Management Industry magazines and presenting at Credit Professional conferences.

The Water Industry has some specific constraints in Britain, most importantly a law preventing them from withdrawing the service if customers fail to pay their water charges - companies have to supply potable water and remove sewerage whether the customer pays or not!  Given this issue Henry was instrumental in setting up the Water Industry Debt Strategy Network which brought lead Credit Management professionals from all water companies together to discuss industry, technological and professional trends as well as maintaining an eye on potential legal changes to help companies maximise performance.  Henry chaired quarterly meetings of the group for the first two years and obtained a seat on SCOR (Standing Committee on Reciprocity) while introducing Credit Scoring and Credit Data sharing into the water collection processes.

Currently, Henry is also:

  • a Director of Landlord Tap Ltd, a company set up specifically to capture tenant details and make it easier for landlords to inform water companies about tenant details.
  • a Director of Cardiff Community Housing Association, delivering affordable housing to some of the poorest areas of Cardiff
  • a Director of Hexia Web Services Ltd, a web design company providing website design, development and applications to local businesses.

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