Helidth Ravenholm

Anthropological Consultant and freelancing field researcher

Helidth Ravenholm is an anthropological consultant and a freelance researcher with a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology and a PgCert in Anthrozoology. 

With nearly a decade of experience in field research, she has conducted research both during her studies and after it, including several years abroad. Her findings have led her to form Culture Contact, her consultation business, in an innovative form of application of anthropology, somewhat divorced from the classical teachings.
Not an academic by heart, Ravenholm continues to consult for private clients, ranging from businesses to private persons, on topics as diverse as interpersonal relations, business in intercultural environment, culturally caused mental health issues, cultism and even murder. Her business is currently on the supply list of several Fortune 500 companies, and prizes itself for not only its success, but also its discretion.
Ravenholm specialises in indoctrination among other topics, and has recently published two articles on her findings. Several books and further articles are still on the to-do list. Her no-nonsense approach, coupled with great care for human rights, make her stand apart from many colleagues.

In her private life, Ravenholm is a cat and dog mama*, an avid rider and a lover of art.

*We lost our Chichi in May before the MOOC was completed.